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All About the Show

   The International Orchid Show has had several homes since its inception in the late 1990's, most recently at Malvern, but bringing the show to a new, horticultural audience represents an exciting new step for the show. There will be orchid experts on hand to answer your questions, whilst our Schools Workshop is intended to bring the wonder of orchid growing to even the youngest of gardeners!

Awards and Judging

   Individual orchid plants will be judged by the highly trained British Orchid Council teams, and awarded 1st or 2nd in each class, with other outstanding plants given an Award of Merit. There will be special awards and a trophy for Best in Show (species and hybrid) on amateur and professional displays.

   Displays will be assessed by the BBC Gardeners World Live teams and medals awarded for the best entries - Platinum, Gold, Silver Merit, Silver and Bronze.

   In addition, on Saturday, the RHS Orchid Committee will sit to a assess and award individual flowers in accordance with the world-renowned RHS awards system, for example an Award of Merit or First Class Certificate. In addition, the skill of individual growers are recognised by awards such as the Certificate of Cultural Commendation.

The Committee also gives the Award of Garden Merit to plants best suited to growing in the home.

Orchid Conservation

   Orchids are arguably the largest family of flowering plants on earth, yet they are increasingly threatened by habitat loss and climate change. Most orchids are insect pollinated, often relying on a single insect species - if that pollinator dies out, then the orchid will also be lost.       Orchid breeders have produced many hybrids for us to enjoy as houseplants, but the cultivation of species orchids in public and private collections provides a life line for endangered species, both here in the UK and overseas.

   Growing orchids from seed is not easy and usually requires laboratory facilities. It is also a time consuming process but despite this, several of our exhibitors are involved in conservation projects aiming to re-introduce endandered species, collect and store seeds and ensure orchids survive for future generations.

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